Condominiums & Townhomes

PaulsCorp has a proven track record for selling luxury condominiums and townhomes in some of the most profitable markets in the US and Canada. PAULS is continuously pursuing real estate investment opportunities.

Selling or Previously Sold Homes

Asset Value

Major Cities or Markets

901 Jefferson
Oakland, CA
75 Residences | Now Selling!

Laurel Cherry Creek
Denver, CO
71 Residences | Sold Out

The Bungalows
San Lorenzo, CA
53 Residences | Sold Out

One Marina
Redwood City, CA
249 Residences | Sold Out

One Ecker Place
San Francisco, CA
53 Residences | Sold Out

Seattle, WA
75 Residences | Sold Out

Austin, TX
154 Residences | Sold Out

88 S Broadway
Millbrae, CA
105 Residences | Sold Out

Calgary, Alberta
153 Residences | Sold Out

Gateway Park Townhomes
Denver, CO
73 Residences | Sold Out

Tomahawk Creek
Leawood, KS
356 Residences | Sold Out

Kansas City, MO
56 Residences | Sold Out

PAULS builds, develops, manages and markets exceptional residential properties across the US. We also invest in properties with a commitment to neighborhood growth, stabalized occupancies, and a profitable future.


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Single Family Homes

Currently building new homes in Colorado