Gateway Park




  • 6 Class ‘A’ Buildings
    – Currently Leasing
    – Under Construction
  • 1.38 Million Square Feet
  • Denver, CO
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Gateway Park - Current Projects

PaulsCorp is actively leasing several Class ‘A’ industrial buildings within the covenant controlled park. With modern and energy efficient designs, these buildings are not only sustainable they are also conveniently located within walking distance of the RTD’s new light rail line, A-line. Located in one of the fastest growing employment hubs in the Denver area, Gateway Park is just 10 mins from Denver International Airport and 20 mins from Downtown Denver. Gateway has a multitude of retail, restaurants and services within the park.

Current Projects

Miles to DIA

Combined Square Footage

Current & Future Projects

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Gateway Industrial Park

Building 22
Aurora, CO
419,060 SF | Now Leasing

Building 23
Aurora, CO
184,040 SF | Now Leasing

Building 24 & 25
Aurora, CO
291,000 SF | Under Construction

Building 26 & 27
Aurora, CO
323,400 SF | Coming Soon

Past Gateway Park Projects

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Residential Portfolio

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